Jackie Craft

Jackie has been designing costumes and patterns for cosplay since 2014. In this short time her two goals of creating inclusive and beginner friendly patterns have helped her aid others in joining the cosplay community.

Competing on SyFy’s Cosplay Melee was a special moment for Jackie and she took the opportunity and ran with it. Going on to create Simplicity Pattern Company’s very first all foam female cosplay pattern that works for women from sizes 6 to 22.

She has a line of her own patterns found at: Jackiecraftcostumes.com
Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube

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Eric aka Coregeek

Eric is maker/fabricator based out of Seattle, WA.

He is known for highly detailed, handmade, replica props. His journey began in 2012 when he started making costumes for his two daughters and attending cons with them.

Now he is a successful independent maker, supplying the world with props, tutorials and livestreams.

Website: www.coregeek.net
Social: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook